Wprowadzenie do nanotechnologii.

W piątek 22 kwietnia o godz. 14:15 w sali 101 Gmachu Matematyki prof. Emyra Macdonalda (Cardiff univeristy, UK) wygłosi wykład wprowadzający do nanotechnologii. Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszamy. Poniżej zamieszczamy abstrakt wykładu.

The drive to exploit technology on the 1-100 nm lengthscale has accelerated over the last decade or more. Nanoparticles of typical dimensions 2-20 nm have been used in catalysis for years. The more ambitious goal is to go beyond such passive systems to develop essential technologies such as fabrication, motion, electronics and energy systems at these lengthscales. In the talk I will introduce nanoscale imaging, top-down and bottom-up fabrication and review progress in nanoscale electronics using synthetic molecules and proteins. Where possible, the material will be linked to topics in undergraduate physics degrees.